Leica Utility Locator

Leica DD Series Utility Locator

The Leica DD Series utility locators are engineered to provide accurate and efficient detection of underground utilities. This series includes the DD120, DD130, DD220, and DD230 models, each offering unique features to cater to different detection requirements.

Leica DD120 Utility Locator

The DD120 is the most basic depth finder utility locator in the Leica DD series. It is capable of detecting power, radio, 8kHz, and 33kHz frequencies. This model is ideal for standard utility detection tasks, providing reliable performance for locating buried utilities.

Leica DD130 Utility Locator

The DD130 builds upon the features of the DD120, with the added capability to detect long-range frequencies such as 512Hz and 640Hz. This enhanced functionality makes the DD130 suitable for more complex detection tasks, offering greater versatility in identifying various underground utilities.

Leica DD220 Utility Locator

The DD220 is an upgraded version of the DD120, offering more precise and deeper detection rates. In addition to detecting standard frequencies, the DD220 includes 131kHz for tracing smaller cable diameters. It also features GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, 8GB of storage, and a colored LCD screen, making it a highly advanced tool for utility detection.

Leica DD230 Utility Locator

The DD230 is an enhanced version of the DD220, designed to capture long-distance frequencies, including 512Hz and 640Hz, commonly used with sewer cameras. This model provides exceptional accuracy and depth in detecting underground utilities, making it ideal for complex inspection tasks.

Leica ULTRA Utility Tracer

The Leica ULTRA series represents the most advanced and precise utility tracing equipment available. This product line includes the ULTRA Standard (STD) and ULTRA Advance (ADV) models, both designed to offer unparalleled performance in utility detection.

Leica ULTRA Standard Utility Detector

The ULTRA STD can locate power, radio, and sewer camera signals within a frequency range of 50Hz to 200kHz. It is equipped with a Line Directional Compass and Proportional Guidance Arrow, providing accurate and easy-to-follow guidance during utility tracing.

Leica ULTRA Advance Utility Detector

The ULTRA ADV is an upgraded version of the ULTRA STD, featuring wireless communication with locators and Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM) to mitigate the effects of external noise. Additionally, it offers offset depth measurement, allowing users to locate and calculate the actual 

Utility Locator Comparison

 Leica ULTRALeica ULTRALeica dd230Leica DD220Leica DD130Leica ULTRA







 Passive Modes

 Active Modes



 Long Distance Tracing



 Extra Tracing Modes





 Depth Estimation

20 ft

20 ft

23 ft

16 ft

10 ft

10 ft

 Current Measurement



 Depth Accuracy














* No 131kHz




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