Portable & Van-Fitted Crawler Robot

There is no job that can’t be inspected.

Mini-Cam Proteus crawler robots are designed to perform though and hard to reach pipe inspection and collects data. The crawler robot is capable of inspecting sewer pipe diameter from 100mm up to 2200mm and up to 500m in length. 

Steerable all-wheel driver mechanism help to maneuver around obstacles, leading to higher performance of CCTV inspection. MiniCam’s change wheel lock design helps you to modify over the tires to a different sets in  minutes for variety of sanitary and storm lines inspection. 


Mini-Cam camera heads are built longevity. The cameras are secured by a robust connector to your CCTV Crawler tractor or your push rod system. Our rugged and precise camera heads are engineered to exceed your optical standard. Our camera heads are diversified to satisfy all types of CCTV inspection needs of underground pipelines. You can pick as simple as an axial camera head or equipped your system with a pan and tilt camera had with built-in twin lasers for accurate measurement of pipe diameter, defect, water level, and object.

Our CCTV crawler robots can be configured with AUX light heads on top of the built in LEDs on camera head to achieve optimum illumination while inspection underground water and waste-water infrastructure. Moreover, a Back Eye camera module assists the operator to reverse around obstructions.


Experience Power Winding in Both Directions!


MiniCam offers robust and one person easy-to-operate cable reels for all your CCTV inspection tasks with Up to 500m wear  resistance cable. Our cable reels can be configured as manual, motorized or fully automatic for pay-out and retraction. All our reels feature a cable layering mechanism for uninterrupted, tangle-free pay out and re-winding.

Available for both portable and Van-Fitted assembly based on your requirements.


Fully Customized Sewer Inspection Van