Proteus Lateral Launcher

The MiniCam LAT150 is a mainline-to-lateral crawler inspection robot designed to provide unmatched range, reliability, and functionality. This self-propelled lateral launcher allows for the inspection of lateral pipes starting from 2-1/2 inches in diameter, with a deployment length of up to 150 feet.

Advanced Inspection Features

The Proteus LAT150 lateral crawler inspection system features a Pan and Tilt camera head with a laser measurement module, ensuring precise and standard CCTV inspections of mainline to lateral connections. This advanced camera head allows for detailed inspection, providing accurate measurements of pipe diameters, defects, and water levels. Additionally, a backup camera ensures safe retraction of the crawler, preventing any potential damage during the inspection process.

MiniCam Lateral Launcher


Latera CCTV Inspection

Engineered for versatility and reliability, the Proteus Lateral Launcher is equipped with an 8-wheel steerable drive, various configurations, and different wheel sizes. These features enable the crawler to navigate through challenging pipe environments with ease. The deployment tube and lateral pin further enhance the system’s capability, making automated lateral inspections straightforward and efficient, even in the most demanding scenarios.

Lateral Launch Cable Reel

The MiniCam LAT150 comes with a single-line 350-meter cable reel, consisting of 305 meters of Kevlar-reinforced high-strength cable and an additional 45 meters of flexible push rod cable. This design ensures that the lateral launcher cable reel synchronizes the pay-out and speed of the lateral crawler, allowing for smooth and efficient inspections.

The robust cable reel system supports extended inspection operations, providing the flexibility and strength needed for thorough lateral pipe inspections. Whether you are inspecting residential, commercial, or industrial pipelines, the Proteus Lateral Launcher is built to deliver top-notch performance and reliability.

The Proteus Lateral Launcher by MiniCam is the ultimate solution for mainline-to-lateral pipe inspections. With its advanced Pan and Tilt camera head, versatile 8-wheel steerable drive, and high-strength Kevlar-reinforced cable reel, this system is designed to handle the toughest inspection tasks with ease. Choose the MiniCam LAT150 for precise, reliable, and efficient lateral pipe inspections.