Proteus Lateral Launcher

The MiniCam’s LAT150 is a mainline to lateral crawler inspection robot built to offer range, reliability and functionality. The self-propelled lateral launcher allows the inspection of lateral pipes starting from 2-1/2 inches with a deployment length of up to 150ft.

The lateral crawler inspection features a Pan and Tilt camera head with laser measurement module for standard and precise CCTV inspection of mainline to laterals. In addition, a back up camera ensures a safe retraction of crawler. The engineered Proteus Lateral launcher is equipped with 8-wheel steerable drive, various configurations and wheel sizes, deployment tube, and lateral pin for making the challenging situations to easy automated lateral inspection. 


A single line 350 meter cable reel consisting of 305m of Kevlar reinforced high strength cable with additional 45 meters flexible push rod cable. The lateral launcher cable reel is able to synchronizes the pay-out and speed of lateral crawler.