PipeVision Technology is proudly the Canadian distributor of MiniCam’s Proteus sewer inspection equipment such as Proteus crawler robots, Lateral Crawler, SOLO PRO Push Camera as well as ProPIPE+ reporting software.

For nearly 30 years, MiniCam has continuously innovated and developed reliable and robust CCTV crawler based on extensive industry experience and customers’ feedbacks. MiniCam is well known for manufacturing cutting-edge solutions for difficult and challenging inspection tasks, user-friendly systems, long-lasting and high-quality inspection systems to keep our customers productive at all times.


Minicam offers variety of crawler inspection tractor that enables inspection of all different sewer sizes in both diameter and length. The smart and versatile design enables inspection of pipe diameter ranging from 100mm up to 2200mm. 

Lateral Launcher

Self-propelled MiniCam lateral launcher for CCTV inspection of mainline to lateral. LAT150 is known for its reliability, range and its incredible functionality for all sorts of lateral inspection needs to find unknowns. 

Solo Pro Push Camera

Solo Pro push camera systems have been designed for on-site delivery whether inspection residential or commercial drain lines, laterals, or even quick inspection of sewer mainlines. Solo Pro snake camera advanced technology offers detailed reports and is WIFI enabled for access to stored data remotely.