You can now rent sewer pipe inspection camera systems to inspect and visualize what is going on in your pipeline system. The following table demonstrates the cost breakdown for different models.

DescriptionRate (CAD)
Model No.Camera HeadCable Length Suitable for Pipe Diameter 3 Hours




1 Week


PVT-5060C-PT50mm Pan & Tilt60 m55 – 600 mm$229.00$279.00$769.00
PVT-V4060CS40mm Self Level60 m55 – 600 mm$159.00$219.00$699.00
PVT-V4060CS40mm Self Level60 m50 – 600 mm$149.00$199.00$679.00
PVT-V2330C25 mm30 m30 – 150 mm$ 64.00$ 99.00$249.00