Pickup Truck Skid & Trailer Units

Welcome to PipeVision Technology, your trusted and authorized dealer for Easy Kleen’s top-of-the-line industrial cleaning systems. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Easy Kleen’s trailer units and pick-up truck skids, providing you with powerful and mobile cleaning solutions to tackle even the toughest drain, pipe, and sewer line challenges.


Trailer Units: Maximum Performance on the Move

Easy Kleen’s trailer units are designed to deliver maximum cleaning power with enhanced mobility. These robust machines, mounted on trailers, combine a large-capacity water tank, a high-pressure pump, and a reel with a long hose. The water tank ensures extended operation without constant refills, while the high-pressure pump generates the force needed to propel water through specialized nozzles, effectively clearing blockages and obstructions. With the long hose, you can reach remote or hard-to-access areas, making Easy Kleen’s trailer units ideal for commercial-scale cleaning projects and demanding industrial applications.

Pick-Up Truck Skids: Versatile Cleaning On-The-Go

Transform your pick-up truck into a versatile mobile cleaning system with Easy Kleen’s pick-up truck skids. These compact and lightweight units are designed to fit in the bed of your truck, providing a convenient and efficient solution for various cleaning applications. Easy Kleen’s pick-up truck skids feature a high-pressure pump, a water tank, and all the necessary components for effective cleaning. With the power of high-pressure water jets, you can tackle drain cleaning, surface cleaning, and equipment maintenance with ease. Enjoy the flexibility of taking your cleaning operations wherever you go, making Easy Kleen’s pick-up truck skids perfect for plumbing services, construction sites, and maintenance professionals.

Key Features & Benefits

Unmatched Cleaning Power: Both Easy Kleen’s trailer units and pick-up truck skids offer exceptional cleaning performance. With their high-pressure pumps and specialized nozzles, they provide the force and precision needed to tackle tough blockages and remove debris effectively.

Durable Construction: Easy Kleen’s cleaning systems are built to withstand rugged conditions. They are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability, longevity, and reduced maintenance costs.

Versatility and Mobility: Whether you choose a trailer unit or a pick-up truck skid, Easy Kleen provides versatile and mobile solutions to meet your specific cleaning requirements. From large-scale projects to on-the-go cleaning tasks, Easy Kleen’s systems deliver the performance and flexibility you need.

User-Friendly Operation: Easy Kleen prioritizes user-friendly design and operation. Their systems feature intuitive controls, making them easy to operate and maintain. Focus on your cleaning tasks without unnecessary complexity or downtime.

Unleash the Power of Precision Cleaning

Easy Kleen’s jetters find applications across a wide range of industries, and PipeVision Technology is here to support your specific needs. Whether you require drain cleaning for residential or commercial purposes, sewer line maintenance, or routine pipe cleaning in industrial facilities, our Easy Kleen portable jetters deliver the performance and versatility required for the job.

Contact us today to learn more about Easy Kleen’s cleaning systems and discover how they can enhance your mobile cleaning capabilities.