Cold Water Pressure System


Welcome to PipeVision Technology, your trusted distributor of Easy-Kleen Cold Pressure Washers!

As a distributor of Easy-Kleen, we take pride in offering industry-leading cleaning solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Easy-Kleen Cold Pressure Washers are renowned for their power, durability, and versatility, making them the go-to choice for professionals in various industries.

Cold Water Lineup

1. Commercial Electric Cold Pressure Washer: Our commercial electric models are perfect for businesses that require reliable and efficient cleaning without the need for gas or diesel power. These pressure washers deliver exceptional performance, making them ideal for commercial settings such as car washes, small businesses, and maintenance operations.

2. Commercial Gas Cold Pressure Washer: If you need additional power and portability, our commercial gas models are the perfect solution. These pressure washers are equipped with reliable gas engines, allowing you to tackle tough cleaning tasks in outdoor locations or areas without electricity access. They are commonly used in construction sites, agriculture, and large-scale cleaning operations.

3. Industrial Electric Cold Pressure Washer: When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, our industrial electric models are up to the challenge. These robust pressure washers provide superior power and durability, making them suitable for industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. With high-pressure performance and advanced features, they ensure efficient and thorough cleaning results.

4. Industrial Gas and Diesel Cold Pressure Washer: For the most demanding cleaning tasks, our industrial gas and diesel models deliver unmatched power and performance. These heavy-duty pressure washers are designed for professionals who require maximum cleaning capabilities in tough environments. They are commonly used in construction, mining, oil and gas, and other industrial applications..

Experience the power and versatility of Easy-Kleen Cold Pressure Washer today and discover how easy and efficient your cleaning tasks can be.

Invest in Quality

When you choose an Easy-Kleen Pressure Washer, you are choosing a reliable and powerful cleaning solution tailored to your specific requirements. With our extensive range of models, you can find the perfect pressure washer to tackle and cleaning task, whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential. 

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