Existing underground infrastructure networks can be difficult to understand. On a global basis, complex pipe and cable systems are continuously growing, making it more crucial than ever to discover their exact locations. Accurate and reliable information is necessary for both existing asset protection as well as planning for future development of our under ground infrastructure.

Different techniques and tools must be used to uncover underground utilities depending on the environmental factors and project requirements. There are numerous technologies available for the detection of buried utilities. Electro Magnetic Induction (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) are the two main methods utilized for non-destructive utility detection.

PipeVision Technology is distributor of Leica Geosystems products in North America offering all kinds of locating, surveying and mapping instruments to detect underground utilities such as power, radio, sewer and gas lines.

Leica Utility Locator

DD and ULTRA EM Utility Locator Automated pinpointing process improves the detection of utilities Available to race all frequences

Leica Transmitter

Leica DA series and ULTRA Transmitter are used to apply a trace signal to underground utilities

Leica DSX Series

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) the Leica DSX utility detection solution provides an easy to use GPR solution