Leica is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable transmitters that are designed for use in a wide range of applications. Leica transmitters are widely used in the construction, utility, and telecommunications industries to locate buried utilities such as pipes, cables, and other underground infrastructure. Leica transmitters come in a range of models and capabilities, to suit different user needs and budgets such as DA175, DA220, DA230, and ULTRA Series.


The Leica DA175 is a compact and portable digital transmitter that is designed to locate underground utilities quickly and accurately. With a frequency range of 8kHz, 33kHz and output power up to 1 Watt, it is ideal for use in small and confined spaces.

DA220 & DA230

The Leica DA220 is a digital transmitter designed for use in underground utility location. It offers a frequency range of 8kHz to 50kHz and output power up to 3 Watts, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including construction, utilities, and telecommunications.

DA230 has all the capabilities DA220 has with additional capability to apply 512Hz and 640Hz signals for long distance tracing.

ULTRA Series

Leica ULTRA transmitter is the most advanced, high performance transmitter ideal for complex and challenging site conditions. With 100 configurable frequencies and power output of up to 12 Watt ULTRA series perform well for tracing over long distances & also for high impedance cables. The advanced transmitter also incorporates a wireless link to the ULTRA Advanced locator..

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