PVT-VW45200-W compact borehole camera is designed to fulfill the inspection and of any borehole, down-hole, water-well, down-well, manhole, etc. by featuring a dual-vision camera head module and extended cable length of up to 200m, 650ft.

The downhole inspection system is developed with a built-in meter and feet cable counter displayed on the screen while recording the footage. In addition, with the Bluetooth keyboard, notes can be added on the screen while CCTV inspection of the well being done for any further review and analysis.

The extendable and sliding crane mechanism with use of skid housing around the camera head, the camera head is positioned at the center of the hole for better quality and imaging survey of any wells.


The water well inspection system comprises of an AHD dual vision camera head. The Straight, front camera is used for the general observation of a manhole. With a touch of a button, the camera can be switched to the 360 degree limitless rotation side-view camera for further detailed inspections. 

High intensity adjustable LEDs make sure bright and sharp images are captured for better observation of any possible defects on the downwell.

The water-proof DVR control unit is featuring an 8 inch LCD. The attachment holding part is designed to adjust the position of the screen easily. The DVR comes with a Bluetooth keyboard to add notes while inspecting and recording down-wells. A USB port for recording and imaging on flash drive.

Adjusting the light and camera rotation from DVR control unit for more precise and higher image quality of borehole inspection.

Notes and cable counter is displayed on the screen and will be recorded as well.

650ft Cable Length

No matter how deep the well is, we’ve got you covered!

The portable cable drum is equipped with 650ft industrial soft cable to satisfy all inspection needs. The crane mechanism can move in both directions for holding the camera at the center of the manhole.