Solo Pro Push Camera

Solo Pro push camera by Proteus have all you need you need for a quick and professional pipe inspection and assessment. MiniCam’s Push camera systems are Solo Mini Reel, Solo Pro+, and Solo Pro50. 

The Mini Reel is designed and developed for an easy operation and inspection of drain lines such as bathroom, kitchen, floor drain, etc.

Solo Pro+ and Solo Pro 50 unlocks all the features and technologies for a quick observation of main sanitary and storm lines. Not only the systems have longer range of cable, but they also can be upgraded to  more advanced camera heads such as self-leveling straight head or Pan and Tilt camera with ability to add a built-in laser module for measurement of pipe diameter, length of defect, and distance.

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Solo Pro+

SELF-LEVELING Straight camera head with built-in sonde, up to 330ft cable, report generator, wi-fi, and many more
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A compact, portable system, with incredible range of inspection designed for hard to navigate and small diameter video observation of service pipes
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Pan & Tilt camera head with ability to add laser measurement module for ovality and crack measurement. Up to 330ft push cable.
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